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5 great ways to maximise natural light in your home

Row of Flats with Double Glazing

If you feel your home is not making the best use of the natural sunlight, there are a number of steps you can take.Your home may have limited natural light coming in, or the décor may just be hindering the way it travels through your home. Either way, DG Solutions’ top tips are sure to help maximise natural light in your home.


A great décor trick to make any room seem filled with natural light is to place a mirror on the wall adjacent to or opposite a window. A mirror will be able to mimic the window and make it seem as though you have more windows than you really do. The mirror will reflect the natural light and views of the window, giving any room a light and spacious feel.

Reflective surfaces

Continuing with the reflective theme, a great way to make your kitchen or bathroom feel bigger is to make the most of back-painted glass backsplash. These are wall areas that are painted in a colour of your choice and covered with a clear glass in order to bounce light around the room. This is especially useful if your windows are on the small side.

Let the light in

If you are concerned about the limited natural light in your home, it is important to avoid heavy, light-blocking window treatments. By opting for translucent shades you will be able to offer privacy whilst allowing light into your space. These shades will offer soft glow that will bounce light into the wall adjacent the window.


Keeping your windows, glass doors and light fixtures clean will do wonders to maximise natural light in your home. Smeared windows really prevent natural light from entering the room, which is why you will be amazed by the results when you keep everything spick and span.


If you are really unhappy about the amount of natural light in your home and you feel that no matter how much window cleaning you do, there will never be enough light – it may be time to consider a conservatory. A conservatory will open up your downstairs space and give you the instant natural light gains that you have been searching for, as well as a huge amount of extra space!

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