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How to fix your front door

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Your front door is inarguably the most important part of securing your home. Not only does your front door keep you and your family safe, but a properly maintained door will keep the heat in and the draught out. A high quality front door is an integral part of keeping you energy bills down. There are many ways a door can break or become inefficient, and there are a few ways to fix these problems yourself. However, if your door isn’t up to scratch and these repairs simply aren’t enough to get your door up to modern standards, make sure you call DG Solutions today. We can offer you a free quote today for our services and even book you a free appointment.

Stop your doors from sticking

The first question here is when does your door stick? There are different solutions depending on if this is a common problem or one which only happens in the winter after a deluge. If it’s a winter problem and your wooden front door is expanding with the rain, this means that water is getting in, warping your front door and possibly your door frame too. This leads to wood rot and a huge weakness in your home security. Sometimes this warping can be stalled with a new coat of paint, but the damage is already done, and the paint is just postponing the inevitable.

If the problem occurs in the summer sun your door is too big for your frame. A good, thorough clean of your door’s edges and hinges could help, though at worst you may need to take the door off and have it sanded or planed. Considering the weight of the door and the importance of not over-doing the job, you may wish to seek the help of a professional.

Stop your hinges from squeaking

This is the easiest fix ever – take a can of WD40 or other silicone-based lubricant and apply it to the hinges. Be prepared to catch the runoff with a paper towel or you’ll have the lubricant running down your door, perishing your rubber seals and staining your carpet.

Stop air leaks in your door

The first step is seeing where the air leak is coming from. If it’s the top or sides you can replace your weather seals. While checking your seals for signs of damage inspect your caulk and fill in gaps as you go. If you’re leaking air from the bottom of the door you could try installing a weatherboard, though it can be incredibly difficult matching this to the style of your house. Internally, draught excluders could be used but these are a short term solution which only works when you’re in the house to move back the draught excluder every time you open and close the door.

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