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How to paint a door

Multi Coloured Doors

Taking the time to prepare and paint a door properly is really worth the effort. It’s all too easy to slap a coat of gloss over chips and dents, but unfortunately that’s only a temporary fix and it won’t be long before the paint starts to crack or blister. Painting a door properly will not only give a professional finish but it will also protect the door from daily use.

  1. Remove the door and lay it on a flat, stable surface at a comfortable height. If you leave the door hanging it is possible the paint may form drips and ruin the finish. If your door already has a lock, finger plates or handles then it’s best to remove them, as trying to mask or cover them is much trickier.
  2. Clean the door thoroughly to remove dirt and grime. Layers of paint can either be removed with a heat gun, a scraper or a chemical paint remover. If there are holes or cracks then these will need to be filled with a good quality wood filler.
  3. Always sand the door by hand, as a power sander may be too harsh. Older Victorian or Edwardian doors usually have panels, so good old fashioned sandpaper will make it easier to get into the nooks and crannies. Remember to wear a face mask to protect from dust inhalation.
  4. Prime the door before you paint a top coat; this is an important step as it will help the paint stick to the door and cover any filler you may have used. The door will also have a much smoother more professional door appearance. Lightly sand the door to get rid of any lumps or bumps left from the primer or filler.
  5. You will need good quality clean brushes, including a larger one for the main area and a smaller one for the edges and panels. The choice of paint is of course a personal one; some prefer a matte paint while others favour gloss or a semigloss. Paint in even strokes along the wood grain and never against it. Lightly sand between coats.

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