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Keeping your home warm this winter

Warmer Winters with Double Glazing

As the winter months are now upon us, our homes inevitably start to feel the effects of colder temperatures. Whether it is discussions regarding heating costs or the inevitable debates over the most effective ways to keep heat within the walls of your home, it is a topic of conversation that will crop up again and again until the first buds of spring appear in March. Fortunately for us, we do not live in an era where closing the curtains means keeping the heat in. Instead, we have multiple ways of ensuring our home remains at the perfect temperature all year round – and the primary route many of us take is to invest in state of the art double glazed PVCu windows

Cost of heating

The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) has released figures that suggest an average semi-detached house can decrease their energy output by 18 per cent annually, a statistic that really emphasises the benefit that can be gained from an investment in double glazing. The Energy Saving Trust is another organisation that supports the advocating of double glazing as a legitimate money saver when it comes to heating costs and with uSwitch recently outlining an increase of 151% for gas and electricity prices over the last ten years, there are true savings to be made by having high quality PVCu windows and doors. Pilkington, one of the most respected glazing specialists in the world, state that a typical semi-detached house could save over £10,000 over a 20 year period (based on only a 10% energy cost increase per annum and not 15%) – source

While initial costs may put many potential buyers off, the money saved throughout the winter months will inevitably cause the double glazing to pay dividends. Heat retention in cold temperatures is an equally important issue that should be factored into your decision to purchase, as successful windows will ensure your home remains at a comfortable temperature even when icicles start to form on your window ledges and drain pipes. Window casing, used for this feature, will do much to provide your property will add protection against the cold

If you have ever been in a house where your breath is visible, even sitting on the sofa watching television, then you will understand the true extent of winter weather and single glazed windows. While this is undoubtedly an extreme scenario, it is nevertheless a very real issue that faces households up and down the country. In order to combat this, central heating has to stay on full blast round the clock – the costs add up and, by spring, you are feeling the heat of an extortionate bill

PVCu Double glazing provides an opportunity to remain comfortable in the winter months and, more importantly, not out of pocket for years and years to come. If you feel the cold weather presents you with an unwanted problem this winter, contact one of our team here at DG Solutions for impartial, informative advice and start reducing your heating bill today.

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