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The expert way to hang a door

Green Double Glazed Window and Door

Hanging a door internally or externally is much simpler than it sounds, but it may be of benefit to have an extra pair of hands standing by to help support you. Follow these few simple rules and you should have that door hung in no time, without any trouble:

  1. If you are fitting a door into an existing frame, you can simply measure the old door. If the door is new however, then it’s crucial to measure the door opening, as well as the door. Do not forget to also measure the width of the door.
  2. Consider what type of flooring you have. A thick carpet will make the door harder to close and if you have a wooden floor, the fit needs to be more accurate. Think about which way you would like the door to open and whether it will be blocking a hallway or a light switch.
  3. Check what type of door frame you have and ensure it’s sturdy enough to hold the door and that it’s square. Remove old paint that might hinder the door from closing properly. The right door hinge is very important – a butt hinge is very commonly used. A 2mm clearance on the top and sides and 5mm at the bottom will allow the door to swing.
  4. Use a wedge to lift the door into position; here’s where you might need a hand. Mark where the hinges will need to be fixed, if you do not have existing hinges to use as a guide then mark 150mm from the top and the same for the bottom.
  5. Put the door onto a flat surface and mark around the hinge. Use a sharp chisel to carefully carve a space that allows the hinge to fit tightly into the door. Screw the hinge to the door.
  6. Lift the door into the frame as if the door were in an open position at the right height. Open the other side of the hinge and check the position is correct, before screwing to the frame. Check the door does not stick and closes properly.

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