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Top 3 questions you need to ask when viewing a property

Large House with Square Shaped Double Glazing

Purchasing a new home can be a long and arduous process, but an exciting one all at the same time. You may have looked at many properties at this point, or you may have only just started. Either way, there are a number of different things to remember when viewing a property. Taking a look around a house for 20 minutes isn’t enough to choose your next home. You need to think proactively about renovations, alterations and ask all of the right questions. Here are three questions that buyers often forget:

Which way does the house face?

This is a question that is often ignored or forgotten by home buyers. In reality, the direction in which your home faces can make a huge different to the way the house looks and feels. If you are viewing the house at night, or in the winter, it may be difficult to imagine that the direction of the house will make any difference. In fact, the direction of the house can make all the difference between a home that is full of light and warmth in the summer months, and a home that is frustratingly dark all year round. Don’t be shy about taking a compass to your viewing, or asking the estate agent outright. However, if the house you are viewing does face north and does not seem to benefit from a lot of natural light, you can always consider a conservatory installation. This will maximise the natural light that filters into the house and will add value to your potential home. So, there’s no need to rule out north facing homes altogether.

Is the double glazing intact?

The state of the external window frames is a great indicator for the current state of the house. Do the window frames have cracking paint? Is the double glazing intact? Is there double glazing at all? These are all incredibly important considerations to ask yourself as you are looking around. If you see a wooden frame, try to see if you can easily push your finger into the wood. It’s all too common for wooden frames to suffer from rot as condensation is a common problem with out of date glazing. You should also listen to see whether the windows and doors are providing proficient sound proofing. However, these factors should not put you off choosing a house that has plenty of potential as double glazing can be replaced at competitive prices.

How old is the roof?

This is an absolutely crucial question to ask your real estate agent and just as important to have checked yourself. A new roof will have a life expectance of around 15-20 years, eliminating the probability of any replacements. However, if the property is older it is imperative to ensure that there are no obvious issues. It is very common for homes to have out of date roofline products, making the chances of leaks and blockages highly likely. Professional roofline providers are easy to come by, but ideally you need to know what you are up against before you purchase the property.

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