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What goes into the perfect roofline?

Close up of Roofline Product

Your roof, I’m sure you’ll agree, is more than the sum of its parts. The tiles may do a fantastic job, but have you ever stopped and wondered how the rest of the roof supports them, in any sense of the word? There are a number of individual parts which go into keeping a roof up and keeping your house dry. Remember if you think it’s time to get your roofline up to date, you can get a high quality PVCu roofline from DG Solutions which will save you time, money and effort starting today.


Your fascia is the long straight board running along the length of your house under the lower edge of the roof. It’s a key component in supporting the bottom row of roof tiles and the guttering. Think about your roof in a torrential downpour – there’s a good few gallons of water running over your roof every few seconds. If you want your roof to keep your house dry, a high quality fascia board is a must – if you see any signs of damage to your fascia board such as warping, cracks or wood rot, make sure you call DG Solutions today and book yourself a free appointment.


These are the boards which extend up the gable end of the house. By and large these help support the tiles while making up a big part of how the roof looks. When you come to DG Solutions we can provide your entire roofline in a colour of your choosing, matching your home, whatever your style.


This is the board which sits under the fascia, and is often the most visible part of the roofline from the street. Traditionally this is the part of the roofline which provides ventilation to the roof, keeping condensation to a minimum. This is important to keep your roofline dry and free from rot.

Guttering and drainpipe

This is the most obvious part of the roofline in terms of function – it stops your house from becoming a waterfall during a downpour. The guttering is the horizontal part which catches the run off from the roof, and the drainpipe is the vertical part which directs the runoff into the drain. With DG solutions we can match these parts to your taste – whether you want them to match your fascia or bargeboard is up to you.


Cladding is simply the application of an extra layer of material, keeping the weather out of the building it’s protecting while adding to the overall aesthetic of the property. By and large you tend to see cladding on garages and brick sheds rather than on the actual house itself.

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