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Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors cleverly help you open up your space. Choosing this flexible wall of glass marries your indoor and outdoor space perfectly, allowing light to flood though your home. With slim designs available in a range of stylish colours, our bespoke Bi-Fold doors offer a space saving, slide-to-the-side alternative, making full use of the aperture width, while opening up the room to bring the outside indoors. DG Solutions’ PVCu Bifold doors are produced from hardware and profiles specifically designed for the job.

DG Solutions’ PVCu Bifold doors are produced from hardware and profiles specifically designed for the job. The benefits of this are as follows:

  • Slimmer profiles
  • Low threshold with only a 65.5mm up stand
  • Unique combined discreet hinge, handle and lock for greater aesthetics
  • Equal sight lines
  • Smooth operation
  • 17 different opening combinations

Outside inside living

The advantages of bi-folding patio doors are that they can fold right back to allow the best in outside/inside living. Unlike conventional sliding doors, which only open up half of the space available, bi-folding patio doors can fold right back to just a few inches of the opening, meaning that there is a greater space. This allows for a real sense of freedom, when on a good day you can open up your home and essentially have access to a whole other room.

Ideal for new builds

If you’re building a new house and are looking for the very best, then bi-folding patio doors would fit the bill. They come in a folding format, which means that there are often several smaller door units, rather than the two doors which you would see on a more conventional patio door.

Easy to install

If you are installing a patio door in your back garden, but don’t have any way to access the back of the property, then don’t worry, bi-folding patio doors can simply be carried through the house to the site of installation. With other patio doors this is not such an easy feat, as they do not have the same folding capabilities.

Don’t buy, improve

With most homeowners choosing to stay put in this current economic climate, many of us are looking for ways to improve our current properties. By installing bi-folding doors you will make your home much more accessible to the garden, which could totally revamp the way you utilise it.


You could also use bi-folding doors inside your property. The way in which they can either open into or out of a room, or fold to the left or the right, means that they will cause very little disturbance to your home’s natural flow, without disrupting the natural light either.

Ease of use

Bi-folding patio doors run on a free-glide system which will be nearly frictionless due to the maintenance-free needle roller bearings. This means that no matter how much doors are used in each installation, they are very easy to use.

Wide range of designs

Thanks to recent advances in technology there are now all sorts of design options you can choose from. You could opt for a wide range of colours, or metallic or even wood effect. This means that you new bi-folding patio doors will be able to blend into your home and become a feature rather than an eyesore.

Safety first

Perhaps you are thinking about installing bi-folding patio doors in order to allow your children more access to your garden. Most bi-folding patio doors now come with finger-safe gaskets as standard, in order to protect anybody from trapping their fingers.

Security matters

You can also choose bi-folding patio doors which feature the following: multi-point locking systems, internally beaded frames, high-security hinges and anti-drill key cylinders. All of these additional features will help keep your home safe and burglars out.


Whilst you may shell out a bit more for a bi-folding patio door, it is comforting to know that you can purchase them with guarantees of up to twenty years, which would make the most of your investment.

Why choose DG windows


DG Solutions’ double glazing window systems help insulate against outside and ambient noise. REHAU profiles can help reduce noise levels in your home by as much as half, offering far more peace and quiet.


DG Solutions’ window systems achieve a top ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency, which will reduce heating costs. DG Solutions also provide triple glazing in line with Passivhaus Standard, which is driven by air quality and comfort.


With ‘Secured by Design’ police-level certification achieved on our window solutions, security is of paramount importance to DG Solutions. DG Solutions’ window systems fully comply with the BS7950 and more recently PAS 23/24 Standards governing security.

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