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A Guide to Buying Doors

A Guide to Buying Doors

How to pick the right doors for your house

Replacing your exterior doors is an upgrade that can pay for itself – or even make a profit – by increasing your home’s value. And if you choose energy efficient exterior doors, you no doubt reduce your energy bills.


Exterior doors are available in an incredible variety of designs to match any home – you can find one for any taste or budget. Plus, the addition of transoms and sidelights to your door can transform any home into a showplace.


When it comes to security, you want to make sure it is fitted with secure, high quality door locks. Not only will these features give you security, they’ll also help prevent drafts and reduce heating costs.


If you can imagine it, chances are, someone is already building it. You can find exterior doors with glass panels of full view, 3/4 view, half view, 1/4 view, with one sidelight or two, even transoms. There’s clear glass, textured glass, tinted glass and decorative glass.


Doors are available as inswing (I/S) or outswing (O/S) models. This simply refers to which way your exterior door will swing: outward (toward the outside of the house) or inward (toward the inside). Most homes are built to accommodate inswing doors. However, your exterior door can be designed to swing outward if you prefer, or if your home design requires it.


Hinges can be located on either the right-hand or left-hand side of the door. Generally, hinges are on the left for an outswing door while those on the right for an inswing door. But you can always have a door created to meet your specific needs.


All DG Solutions’ doors are available in a variety of colours, so choose one that not only matches the style and period of your property, but also sits with and compliments the colour of your home.

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