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A Guide to Buying Roofline

A Guide to Buying Roofline

How to pick the right Roofline for your house

The roofline is obviously an integral part of any house, but yet it’s a part that often gets overlooked until it’s too late. If you don’t want a puddle on your floor and thousands of pounds worth of damage on your hands, it’s worth inspecting your roofline for damage and signs of rot. Here at DG Solutions we know everything there is to know about choosing and installing the perfect roofline for your home, and today we’re going to share a few things worth considering when you decide it’s time to replace your roofline.

Know what makes up your roofline

There are six components to any roofline: the fascia, soffit, guttering, cladding, bargeboard and drainpipe. All six of these components work in tandem to keep your house safe, dry and warm. If you want to know which piece goes where, head over to our website for a useful diagram – Familiarise yourself with them, and the purpose they each serve.

Consider a bird feature for your garden

This may seem a little bizarre, but many of our clients are perfectly content with birds and other wildlife living in their roof until they realise it’s actually a sign of damage. If you’re particularly fond of preserving your garden’s wildlife, it may be worth investing in a bird fountain, or even fabricating a bird box for the wildlife to relocate to while you fix your roofline. Bird boxes are incredibly easy to make and won’t hold you back from repairing a damaged fascia where birds or squirrels currently nest.

Pick a colour scheme to complement your house

ho_soffit7_2As with anything in life, certain colours work well together for your house and roofline, while others do not. If you have a red brick house, a dark blue bargeboard and fascia may not look as appealing as, say, a dark walnut or mahogany would. We stock a wide range of colours to match the style of your home, but there’s no reason you can’t mix and match your colour scheme. For example, if you have a sandstone brick wall, an English Oak coloured fascia, soffit and bargeboard could look spectacular against it, with a white gutter and drainpipe to finish, giving it that clean, modern look.

We strongly recommend that you keep an eye on your roofline over the year. New rooflines tend to last a minimum of 10-15 years, but if you have a particularly old house, or know that you haven’t replaced your roofline in several decades, it’s well worth checking for damage before the damage has the opportunity to take hold.

A new PVCu roofline will even increase the value of your house, as not only does it look nice, but it shows the house has been well cared for and maintained. It will certainly make a much better first impression with future potential buyers. PVCu also requires no painting and minimal maintenance over the years, making it a fantastic solution to all your roofline needs.

Finally, tempting as it may be to try to install your own roofline in your own time and at your own expense, this can lead to a multitude of very expensive problems. Poorly installed rooflines not only vent heat, drastically raising your heating bill, but will give way to rainwater flooding your house. This will, in turn, weaken your ceilings by rotting away the wood and brick work, leading to a specular repair bill. We offer insurance backed guarantees on certain products and a range of long-term guarantees covering all of our products. When it comes to something as integral as your roofline, you want the best protection available, and that is what you’ll get when you choose your perfect new roofline from DG Solutions today.

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