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A guide to buying windows

A guide to buying windows

What should you look for when buying new windows and, more importantly, what are the pitfalls involved when deciding which one is right for you?

For now, let’s assume that you’ve finally made the decision, taken the plunge, to buy new windows… There are so many things to consider, especially with today’s media platforms regurgitating so much information, it’s a wonder that anything is actually taken on board…Buy now, pay later! Buy one, get one free! Double glazing or triple glazing? Pilkington or Planitherm glass? A-rated or B-rated energy windows? IS BSI and FENSA certification necessary? Should I go for PVCu, composite, wood grain, casement, tilt ‘n’ turn or sash profiles??? What a headache!

Let’s start at the beginning and make it simple…you need the right company, so take some time out to get a quote – you’ll know when you’ve found the right one. The following three points should help you make the right choice:

1.    Is my choice of window fit for purpose?

  • Is the style of window correct – casement, tilt ‘n’ turn, sash, etc?
  • Is it internally glazed?
  • Is the window A-rated?
  • Can it easily be maintained and cleaned, both inside and out?
  • Does the window have the highest specification profile, glass and locking system?
  • Will my investment save money on my energy bills?
  • Will it offer the highest levels of security?
  • Will my windows last and hold their colour?

2.    Does my choice of double glazing company meet my own expected standards?

  • Am I happy with the windows the company have designed?
  • Do they install the windows themselves?
  • Do the company offer a double or triple backed warranty and guarantee?
  • Do they have recognized certification for their service and/or products?
  • Do the company have a dedicated aftersales service?
  • There are thousands of FENSA registered companies…Have I found a company I can trust?
  • Have they answered all my questions satisfactorily?

3.    Am I happy with the cost?

  • Windows are different – am I comfortable with what I’m getting for what I’m paying?
  • Would I be able to get the same window I’m happy with, from a similar company I am happy with, for a lower cost?

If you stick to the above, follow these three points as a guide, then you’re well on your way to securing the best window, from the best company, at the best price.

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