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Rooflines in Romford

Rooflines in Romford

Professionally installed rooflines in Romford could save you time, money, effort and protect your home all at the same time. Your roofline is an integral part of your home when it comes to protecting you against the elements. If your roofline has been neglected for long periods of time there’s a chance that your roofline may be unfit for its job of protecting your home.

Rotting wood, fungal growth and holes in your bargeboard and fascia all introduce weaknesses to your roofline. This helps heat get out, and helps rain, birds and other wildlife get in. Protect your home against the elements properly with our brand new rooflines in Romford.



If you think your Romford roofline may not be up to scratch make sure you book yourself a free appointment with DG Solutions today. When we replace your roofline we insure that the job gets done properly the first time, every time. This means removing all of the damp, rotten wood which will cause you problems further down the line, and replacing them with parts which are meant to last. We don’t just cap the ends and hope for the best – we leave you with a roofline which is as easy on the eye as it is to maintain.

Your roofline is made up of a number of interlocking parts and with DG Solutions we can cover all of the unsightly gaps and exposed areas to leave you with one cohesive unit. We even provide a range of colour options to match your roofline to your house and style. Whatever it is that you’re looking for with your new roofline, DG Solutions is here to help with the perfect solution for you.



Here at DG Solutions we understand rooflines. We know a soffit from a fascia and your bargeboard from your cladding. If you’re looking for the very best in high quality rooflines in the Romford area, make sure you call DG Solutions today. Our highly qualified technicians will be able to answer any questions you may have and book you a free appointment to survey what needs doing. Here at DG Solutions we make replacing rooflines in Romford as easy as possible.

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