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Why PVCu

Why PVCu

In recent years, the use of PVCu has grown hugely in popularity and is now one of the most recommended and most widely chosen materials used by the biggest double glazing companies. Below the advantages and disadvantages to using PVCu over its alternatives of aluminium, is outlined and explained.

Value for Money

One of the factors considered will inevitably be the cost of the materials and this will probably influence decisions one way or the other. When it comes to pricings, however, PVCu is usually the cheapest material on offer after things like aluminium, steel and timber. This is far from PVCu’s greatest attraction, but its relative cost effectiveness is certainly a bonus that makes a difference.

Low Maintenance

Another hugely appealing feature of PVCu is that it is remarkably low maintenance. Aluminium is resilient, but still needs attention. On the other hand, PVCu never rots, flakes, rusts or fades. Apart from a quick wipe with a cloth to keep it clean, PVCu requires virtually no maintenance making it very convenient and time-saving.


PVCu is also the most durable of the materials available. Aluminium can pick up rust whereas PVCu is strong, tough and resilient. It is highly unlikely that newly installed PVCu will need to be changed for at least 25-30 years.


Due to its resilient and robustness, PVCu is very reliable and trustworthy when it comes to security. Their frames are constructed to the utmost hardness making it extremely difficult to break through or damage.

Insulation and Sound Proofing

Insulation is another feature of the PVCu material that surpasses aluminium or steel. PVCu was created to be a very competent insulator and provides the best heat and energy insulation available, keeping heat in and sound out is largely responsible for its popularity.

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